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David P Lauzen

Dave Lauzen, 58, is retired as a CPA from his accounting firm Lauzen Accounting. David spends much of his time away from Sporting Clays with Hunting Big Game with a gun or a rod and reel. His non Clay Target achievements include collecting over 150 variations of big game and catching 5 marlins over 1,000 pounds. In addition to catching big game, Dave has made time for 2 children and after a long wait became married to Sue Anne.

Like so many of us, Dave started shooting clays targets on the Trap range. After trap lost its fun and became too much work Dave quit clay shooting for almost 15 years. After getting back into clay shooting on the Skeet range Dave tried Sporting Clays at the St Charles Sportsmanís Club. After shooting sporting clays for the last 8 years David has achieved the level of Master Class and is also our Illinois representative for the 2009 Team USA, 2008 IL State Team and the 2009 All American for the Veteran concurrent.

Dave recalls his first shooting memory as shooting a bolt action .22 in the basement with his little brother, now Illinois State Senator Chris Lauzen, and his father. He still participates in indoor .22 target shooting.

Mr. Lauzenís greatest shooting memory was being asked to represent Team USA at the FITASC World Championship in Australia. Another notable achievement is Daveís position as Veteran 2009 team member for both the NSCA All American Team and Team USA FITASC.

Davidís Gear
Shotgun: Perazzi MX-8
Ammo: Federal Paper 3 1/3 Dram 1 oz 7 Ĺ
Chokes: Briley
Glasses: Delot
Hearing Protection: ESP
Additional accessories: 32Ē 3 Barrel sub-gauge set
Gun fitting: Jimmy Cardwell at Wenig Custom Gun Stocks
Other custom work: Danny at Giacomo Sporting

Davidís Clubs Clubs:
Northbrook Sports Club, Upland Hunt Club Favorite Location: Chuck Frazierís Hunters Pointe, Braxton Bridge Flyers

Davidís Style:
David maintains his shooting ability by keeping up the pressure with a continuous schedule of tournaments. To put prove his point of a continuous tournament schedule David shot his way through over 12,000 registered targets in 2008! To keep his shooting level high David prefers to get his traveling complete the day before any event to ensure he is properly rested and minimize the travel stress. When the shooting day begins, itís straight to the club to get to business.

To maintain his consistent target breaking ability Dave has a simple routine. He picks his kill point and with a decisive short move, goes to that same kill point to add another X on the score card. Dave is also a strong believer of good coaching to maintain his performance level. David has worked with top guns like Russ Vowell, John Woolley and currently sees Pat Lieske every 4-6 weeks. Continuous coaching has allowed Dave to minimize every weakness in his game. His philosophy is: focus on your weakness and turn it into the best part of your skill set.

Dave believes his success has come from good coaching and staying sharp with competition. If he could make a recommendation to new shooters it would be: Find a coach you are compatible with and see them as often as possible.

Dave is always a pleasure to speak with on and off the range. I have run into Dave many times in many places throughout the Midwest and afar. Please take a moment to say ďHiĒ to Dave when you see him on the course and get to know this Gentlemen and World Traveler.

See you on the courseÖ Dan Grebel
If you know someone else that shooters should know, please see me on the course.

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